Anahí, the warrior of the heart (a graphic digital novel)

The story is about a teen girl that sufers bullying because she is diferent from their class- mates. She is very smart and too geek. One day she has enough for her situation and she ask for a wish towards the magic red moon. The next day she appears in a parallel reality where she should to empower herself to returns to her world and helps people from this reality. Through the magic as well. In this place she is a witch apprentice, she receives the ancient knowledge from the Great witch. She will overcome all the situtations where will test her. Finally she will become the warrior of the heart.

Educational goal: Empowering teen girls to become more self confdence.

Awards: Anahi won Creadigital 2018 in the transmedia category. We developed a prototype of digital graphic novel with two diferent endings.

You can wee the Spanish version  bible