Por las barbas de mi gato (animated feature film  )

It is a fantastic adventure where Daniel, a child who has little to do with the outside world since everything causes allergies, especially cats. Therefore it does not come out, it is spent cleaning itself of germs, etc. I would like to be a "normal" child one day and be able to leave the fear of everything that causes his allergies. There Daniel meets Zoe, an outgoing girl, a lover of nature, of animals and of "embarking." Who has a youtube channel where he raises the rescue of kittens collected from the street that he later puts into adoption? Zoe studies at the same school where Daniel arrives. There, the child is a victim of bullying because of the fearful attitude he develops because of his allergy. And when the bully in the room realizes it, she takes advantage of it to make her life more miserable. Zoe can't stand it, so he defends Daniel with such a bad result that he is the target of more bullying because he is "defended by a girl." The frst school bazaar Daniel attends is done in the company of Zoe who goes with his cat Matías. A thunderstorm falls and lightning strikes Daniel and Zoe's cat. It is when a fantastic event happens: The souls of Daniel and Matthias exchange bodies. Daniel's soul enters Matías's body but Matías's soul does not enter Daniel's body which causes him to enter into a coma. To return to his body Daniel will have to fnd the ingredients to make a magic potion and drink it with Matías at dawn after the moon eclipse within a month if they fail to meet all these conditions they will both die. During your journey, you will learn to leave your fears towards contact with nature and cats. The value of the friendship that these beings have for humans, the value of the life of a living being and how to enjoy nature

Educational goal: The importance of Pet adoption instead of buying.


Awards: Finalist in the FDC (Fondo cinematográfco de Colombia-Proimagenes) category: Develop- ment for Children animated feature flm 2017.

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